Needs analysis is progressing


The project group met in Akranes, Iceland in mid June. We presented the needs analysis results from each country and agreed on the process of making the joint report. Our Icelandic partner will be working on the joint needs analysis report right after summer holidays. We have been working with both desk and field research in Lithuania, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

The target groups of the field research vary in each country. Our target groups are teenagers, migrants, teachers and political activists. We found out, that they all feel a need for support in being an active citizen. The need for skills and support is not that different even though the level of activism and experience of acting varies between these groups. Everyone needs like-minded communities, positive feelings and knowledge.

The joint needs analysis report collecting findings in all four countries is on its way for you to read and download on this web page under Research.

We wish everyone a happy summer! Click the picture to see our summer working moods during the meeting in Iceland.

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